High-loaded web applications

For many companies, engaged in the sales, development of the internet shop can be a great opportunity to get a modern platform for sales of goods.

СorePartners offers its expertise in the design and implementation of internet shops with own integrated payment system. we understand how important it is to make the site maximally successful tool of internet advertising to promote your products and services.

High-performance web applications in a server farm:

  • Support up to 2 000 000 user accounts
  • Support up to 4 000 000 of the exhibited goods
  • Purchase and sale of goods within the system
  • Mutual settlements with the use of local currency (payment for the goods, translations, fines etc)
  • Inside the system rates emission
  • Lending, built on the basis of real market system
  • A large number of predefined reporting forms, the ability to build custom reports immediately
  • Scalability: provided by the possibility of adding application servers (Application Server) in the pool, as well as additing of database servers (DataBase Server) to improve the concurrency of processes reading from the database
  • Design of the database schema given the large volumes of data distribution across multiple databases to improve the possibility of parallel implementation many processes
  • Balancing the load on the application server and the database
  • Integration with external systems of the users’ account
  • Caching at the level of application and database servers
  • Optimized scheme of goods search using dictionaries