Mobile applications

The proliferation of mobile devices opens up new opportunities for the delivery of information and services for clients, partners, and employees, opportunities,which allow to increase revenues, improve business agility and raise its productivity.

CorePartners offers services in developing applications for mobile devices based on iOS, Android и Windows Mobile.

Our experts have developed a wide range of applications for mobile devices in the field of warehouse management and logistics, design and print labels and barcodes, organization and management of web content and web applications using mobile devices.

Implementation examples

  • DYMO Label Software – implemented and introduced a program containing tools designing and printing of labels on printers DYMO.
  • Novartis is one of the largest American pharmaceutical companies. Developed and introduced full mobile application metering commodity, label printing and barcode.
  • Intel, Inc. – the American Corporation that produces a wide range of electronic devices and computer components. Developed and implemented a mobile application for finished products and goods shipment accounting.