Learning systems

ACR Education Center Testing System (ECTS) is a system, intended for organization and automation of the process of certification and testing of the students and staff of ACR (American College of Radiology).

ECTS allows you to:

  • management of training
  • preparation of training courses and training programs: the creation of e-courses and individual training facilities (tests, trainings)
  • testing of knowledge
  • certification according to the results of the training and testing
  • assessment and analysis of education results
  • statistical analysis of the created/used training materials and tests, including the number of students and staff who have successfully passed these or some other tests and courses
  • statistical analysis of users registered in the system as trainees (test) and training (creating courses and individual tests)

The functionality and implementation details

Creation of test tasks

The system provides the staff of ACR an opportunity to simulate medical cases, creating a test item, the decision of each of which will be the analysis and diagnosis. Courses created in the system, are categorized (there are different course type) that allows you to create standard and generalized procedure of processing the results of testing and training. Category accessories rate is defined as the rule of the specific field of radiology.

The process of testing

The teaching process is based on the principles of artificial intelligence. The trainee browses DICOM image (for example, the picture) appropriate to the medical occasion, created in the system, notes damage and diagnoses the disease. The system handles the answers of the student, indicates in any of test tasks that the student had made a mistake, in which he was right. Each case is analyzed and shall be counted as successfully or unsuccessfully traversed by the student. When you reach a certain number of successfully passed the test tasks the student will be notified of the successful certification.

On-line connection of the training and trainees

A student may indicate a doctor, that assists the course any time, he needs help or has any questions while completing the test.

Statistical analysis

The system provides wide opportunities for statistical analysis, which allows to assess the complexity of the provided tests for the training and if necessary, correct the program of training.