Electronic document circulation

In the traditional sense Electronic Document Circulation accompanies the process of enterprise management. The quality of the designed system depends on reliability and availability of information resources and services.

CorePartners offers its clients a full complex of services in the area of distributed document management systems, paying particular attention to the analysis and identification requirements. It enables the development of product, fully satisfying the needs of our customers, including warranty and service support commitments.

Electronic Document Circulation

  • Complex data entry forms
  • Digital imaging
  • Tracking and management processes accreditation and data enrichment
  • Electronic notification and timing control
  • Tools for analysis and reporting
  • Data management tools
  • Billing statements
  • Electronic archive of documents and unstructured search

Implementation examples

  • American College of Radiology Main activities – licensing and supervision of clinics and medical institutions in the United States. Developed and introduced a system of processing of the flow of documents and images of different complexity (including photos and x-rays) with more than 70 000 devices, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, ultrasound medicine and radiology Department at 30 000 clinics.
  • National Radiology Data Registry – main activity – enhancement and improvement of the quality of public service in the field of health. System was developed and introduced, allowing to calculate the indicators of effectiveness and satisfaction with the quality of medical services, through the use of statistical data analysis. Introduction of the system allowed to improve the quality of provided medical services to more than 30% throughout the United States.