Data warehouse

Improve efficiency possible due to introduction of corporate information system - Data Warehouse (DW), which will combine the data from heterogeneous sources for cleaning and structured storage to build reporting and multidimensional information analysis.

For most companies is the presence of numerous disparate sources of data is common. Often, much of the information is difficult to obtain and it is not used. With extensive experience in the development of corporate data storage CorePartners specialists will help to create an effective system that meets the specific business processes and the actual needs of each client.

Data warehouse and data mining

  • Storage of data with the possibility of combining them from different heterogeneous sources
  • Support for over 30 data sources
  • Unstructured information search and analysis according to the specified users criteria
  • Possibility of creation of analytical reports in real time
  • Annotation source data
  • Support of different languages and time zones

Implementation examples

  • American College of Radiology. Main activities - supervision and licensing of health care institutions on the territory of the USA. Developed and implemented a United data warehouse containing nationwide information on the results of radiological research, including nuclear cardiology, heart visualization and mammography.
  • Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI), the largest contractor of Armed USA forces. Developed and implemented a distributed system of uniforms distribution and equipment that is used in the U.S. in 80 army outlets, located around the world.