Banking and exchange systems

The growth of new banking communities and expanding the spectrum of services cannot be secured without the software that meets the strictest requirements imposed by the modern banking business.

The CorePartners company offers solutions covering various areas of banking activities:

  • corporate services
  • financial market operations
  • remote maintenance
  • support for different payment and accounting solutions
  • exchange contracts management
  • client and broker clearing transfer processing
  • account management and budgeting
  • data storage
  • metal storage

Our integrated approach of systems allows to automate the activities of the bank of any scale, offering the widest range of financial services.

Solutions for banks

  • Physical object movement – receiving and shipment of metal, allocation and deallocation of metals
  • Storage management, integration with other applications
  • Interactive map with metal search function
  • Billing
  • Charge types – storage, handling, overdraft, transfer
  • Various calculation and payment types
  • Exchange transaction execution and exchange contract management
  • Clearing (including client and broker transfers)
  • Automatic authorization and compilation of the balance sheet
  • Background processing operations
  • Interactive vault map

Implementation examples

  • HSBC Holdings PLC. is one of the largest financial conglomerates in the world. Development and implementation of a system for precious metals storage, accounting and clearing. The system supports integration with exchange and related applications in real time.
  • Manfra, Tordella and Brookes, Inc. (MTB) is one of the largest ingots - coin dealers in the world. Developed and implemented a system to track the sale of gold coins, ingots and to keep records of the number of items in the warehouse and to provide a wide range of tools for creating immediate reports .
  • Coins-N-Things Inс.(CNT Inc.) a family business founded in 1973 as a private collection and retail store for numismatists grew into a company of the wholesale supplier of gold in the USA. Developed and implemented the system of accounting of gold, platinum, silver coins. System allows real-time tracking of jewelry sales to keep financial records.