Our company has rich experience of cooperation with clients in the framework of the outstaffing model. We are focused on provision of a full complex of services as individuals, and highly organized teams in the framework of all stages implementation of different level IT projects.

Today outstaffing is becoming increasingly common in modern market-based schemes. In the conditions of competition, constantly updated goods and services, developing technologies and approaches, changing legislation only those are able to survive and achieve success, who build their activities on the most effective and efficient models.

It is practically impossible to find a qualified specialist on the labor market for an immediate project, whose professional competence and experience will completely satisfy you. And the dismissal of such a valuable specialist after the completion of the project – just the loss of a valuable specialist, who in the future could still be useful for the company.

Outstaffing – staff rent, an output of the employee for staff of one company and its design in staff of other company. And the staff choice on its professional qualities always remains behind customer company.

It is possible to refer lowering of personnel service load, abbreviation of staff maintenance costs , tax optimization, minimization of risks and responsibility delegating, and also a warranty of professional skills of a new staff to primary oustaffing benefits.