Interaction with the Customer

We pay special attention to individual characteristics of a project and the client's business in our work, which can significantly improve the quality of the offered solutions. For that reason, most of our Customers we work with are since the founding of the company.

The company aims at long-term cooperation with customers, but we have a significant experience of work with fixed-term projects.

Interaction with the Customer is carried out through the project Manager, Analyst of the project and the Representative of the Customer. Analyst is engaged in gathering requirements and survey of all stakeholders. Project Manager regulates organizational and technical issues and is informed about all activities, tasks, work on the project.

General stages of interaction with the customer in both cases are the following moments:

  • Preliminary contacts with the customer: the identification of goals and objectives of the project, identification with the main requirements for a future system, the preliminary acquaintance with the company of the Customer, a preliminary assessment of the timing and cost of the project, preparation and transfer to the Customer a Commercial offer.
  • A detailed survey of customer's requirements: definition of the composition of the project team, the collection of system requirements, interviewing the key users and technical specialists of the Customer, development and approval of Technical assignment.
  • Development and testing of the system: after the development of the system or a particular part of its functionality we demonstrate it to the Customer. This stage is followed by detection and correction of errors, if there are none – carrying out acceptance tests.
  • Pilot operation of the system: the system deployment on the side of the Customer, training of users, collecting comments and proposals on the modification of system, the elimination of remarks.
  • Industrial operation of the system: self-operation by the Customer, contacting support service of the Company (if necessary), the collection of wishes on development of the system.

Documentation developed in accordance with RUP requirements is an important form of interaction with the customer.